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Artificial Intelligence: history, applications and perspectives

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Le 4 juin - 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

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From innovation to convenience, from self-directed learning to problem solving, from economic opportunity to impact on our societies, Amélie gives us the keys to read to make the difference between fantasies, realities and desirable futures of AI.

Based on examples of applications, she discusses the possible uses in industry: optimization of flows in logistics, detection of defects by vision, cybersecurity … and raises the ethical issues of using AI.

All these topics echo the collaborative projects carried out at The Industrial Hive to build the industry of tomorrow!

Speaker: Amélie Cordier

Engineer, PhD in Artificial Intelligence, and lecturer at the University of Lyon 1 and LIRIS for 10 years. Most recently Head of Research at Hoomano, a startup that explores the interactions between humans and robots, Amélie is also President of Lyon Is AI, the Lyon-based collective of AI enthusiasts. As a specialist in developmental Artificial Intelligence, she contributes to the evolution of research in this field while proposing practical applications.

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