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Emotions, our unsuspected allies

#Lunch conferences

Le 25 fvrier - 12.30 am - 1.30 pm

The Industriel Hive+ remotly

How can we better interact and create a constructive relationship with others by understanding our emotions?

We too often tend to believe that we must carefully store our emotions and not reveal them in our professional environment. When we exile emotions from the business world, do we not forget that we are constantly in emotion, that human nature is made that way?

But what are emotions? Christel Delort, through this lunch conference, invites you to discover the voice of emotions, to decode their messages and transform them into levers of cohesion with those around you. For yes, understanding one’s emotions and those of others is the beginning of healthy interpersonal communication in which dialogues become ever more constructive and relationships richer.

Speaker :

Coach, trainer, hypnotherapist, Christel Delort accompanies organizations and their actors to mobilize and engage individual and collective resources, to make managerial and relational practices evolve, to cultivate self-confidence, positive energy and rebound capacity. Convinced that adapting in order to develop is a major challenge, she acts in the direction of creating economic and human value.

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