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REX Digital Continuity/AR

Le 23 juin - 9:00 - 14:00

The Industrial Hive

Restitution of the project team
Digital Continuity / AR

Implement the digital continuity chain from the design office to after-sales to better manage product diversity

A morning at The Industrial Hive for the Digital Continuity / AR* project team’s feedback!

Since March 2020, the inter-company Digital Continuity / AR team (Volvo-Renault Trucks, Bosch Rexroth, Aldès, Groupe SEB, PTC and Inetum) has been working on a common problem: moving towards zero defects, reducing time-to-market and optimizing team performance by effectively managing more product diversity.

🔎 | In concrete terms?
The increased complexity of manufacturing in certain fields (particularly in the automotive and equipment sectors) is generated by various factors:
– The acceleration of electromobility
The acceleration of electromobility (electric engines for mid-range trucks at Volvo-Renault Trucks, for example)
– The integration of electronics in mechanical products
(Such as electro-hydraulic systems for mobile machines at BOSCH)

This complexity is also accompanied by an ever-increasing diversity! Indeed, each finished product in which these components are assembled is more and more unique because it is customized according to the specific uses chosen by the customer. However, productivity must be maintained, while respecting the requirements and technical traceability.

💡 | This is where the inter-company Digital Continuity/AR project comes in!
The objective is to support the businesses in automating the information processing chain, from design to preparation to industrialization. One of the levers: exploit data and provide digital, interactive and flexible work instructions, dedicated to the operator in production (with an additional module in augmented reality) and/or to the repair technician in after-sales. A complete project rich in learning!

We look forward to seeing you on June 23 at La Ruche to discover the use cases and proposed solutions resulting from the various business issues and operational needs of a project team made up of various industrialists from different fields. A morning to meet experts, benefit from their experience and exchange with them in a true spirit of discussion and openness.

At The Industrial Hive, Industry 4.0 is written with four hands, between industrialists and technological partners!

End-of-project feedback event reserved for members and by special invitation
Lunch included
*AR = Augmented Reality

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