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The annual interview, a lever for collaboration

#Lunch conferences

Le 15 avril - 12.30 am - 1.30 pm

La Ruche Industrielle + remote (Teams link)

The annual interview, a privileged moment to improve work relations?

Not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this annual exercise…

Although the aim of the annual interview is to assess the work done and evaluate the employee’s skills, it can also become a real opportunity for exchange and dialogue that strengthens the links between the manager and the employee.

Sometimes feared by both the employee and the manager, it is nevertheless – if well conducted – a moment conducive to communication and remotivation, making it possible to increase trust and collaboration within the team.

Today, at least 80% of resignations are said to be due to the relationship with the direct manager, a relationship that is also the primary cause of demotivation. What if the annual interview became a real vector of economic performance for the company?

Speaker :

After 18 years as a Human Resources Manager in industry, Charlotte Sparre knows how delicate this moment in the year can be to conduct. Through this conference, she invites us to discover how the annual interview can become a key moment for teams to regain their enthusiasm and collaborate in an efficient and innovative way in a healthy and friendly workplace.

Given the health context, this lunchtime conference will be held exclusively remotely via Teams thanks to a connection link sent to registrants by e-mail.

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