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The challenges of industrial cybersecurity

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Le 1 juillet - 12.30 am - 1.30 pm

The Industrial Hive + remote (Teams link)

The challenges of industrial cybersecurity 🛡

What are the challenges and solutions to the growing threat of cyberattacks on industrial systems?

⚡| We often talk about computer data theft, but what about cyber attacks in the industrial environment? In the era of Industry 4.0, industrial control systems have undergone profound changes: computer links between systems have become essential for optimizing production tools. As a result, industry is becoming increasingly connected. And with more connections to the outside world comes more attack surfaces and system vulnerabilities!

🔎 | What are industrial control systems (ICSs)?
Digital architectures allowing to drive a physical system in order to satisfy a fixed production objective, ICSs are present in many sectors (such as energy production and distribution, wastewater treatment, manufacturing, aerospace or defense). Historically, these ICSs have been designed to improve productivity, without considering cyber malice, which leads them to be exposed to cyber attacks today. Among these attacks, some aim at stealing confidential data, others aim at violating the integrity of the physical system; leading to a partial or total dysfunction of the services provided by the physical system, inevitably leading to a shutdown of all or part of the industrial system.

🦸‍♂️ | The challenge of cybersecurity is to study the risks in order to define and implement measures to reduce them. Securing industrial systems is not an obstacle to digital transformation, on the contrary: betting on adapted cybersecurity means protecting yourself against attacks but also preparing serenely for the industry of the future!

Speakers : Éric Zamaï and Cédric Escudero

  • Éric Zamaï is an University Professor at INSA Lyon and a specialist in the management of industrial system malfunctions in an uncertain context. He develops methods and algorithms to predict, detect, and diagnose malfunctions before proposing solutions to help reconfigure them. The causes of these malfunctions are either natural or intentional: cyber-attacks.
  • Cédric Escudero is a teacher and researcher at INSA Lyon. Specialist in cyber-attacks on industrial systems, he develops research aimed at developing methods and algorithms for the detection and prevention of attacks that target the physical integrity of industrial systems.
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