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Transforming spaces

#Lunch conferences

Le 19 novembre - 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

At The Industrial Hive and remote (link Teams sent to subscribers)

How can we rethink and re-enchant our workspaces?

Workspaces are transforming. They have an impact on people’s posture and their creative capacity. With the Covid-19 crisis, we are testing this reflection on our workspaces on a large scale and in an accelerated way, and that’s great! We are looking for collective answers to rethink the workplaces, to adapt them so that they are at the service of our constraints but also to consider them as a real tool at the service of the transformation of companies. How to integrate the user as early as possible in the design of spaces?

After 10 years at the head of an interior architecture design office, Maïlys Josso is the creator of Flow et Architecture, an agency that combines User Assistance and interior architecture to offer tailor-made spaces to companies. Her approach goes beyond the design of classic work spaces since a work of consultation is made with the different users and allows innovation through use.

During this conference, we will explain to you what the Assistance to the Mastery of Uses consists in, how to proceed to consult the employees and to switch to the project of spaces development. An event that will take place at The Industrial Hive (and remotely), a space that is currently being transformed and which illustrates this approach.

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