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Becoming a member

Becoming a member of the Hive means...

  • A new “home”, not on- or off-site, but a place between the two
  • Having the opportunity to clarify your roadmap for the industry of the future by joining the projects committee
  • Finding answers to the need to change through sharing with an active and committed collective
  • The provision of a resource location to experiment, train and access quality feedback
  • Access to experts and shared equipment
  • Enabling a collaborative culture within your own structure
  • Promoting exchanges within own departments/divisions
  • …and anything else you want to develop!
Photo lors d'un vote de l'assemblée générale

Hive Industrial is a non-profit-making organisation established under the 1901 law whose operation spans 3 cultures: established manufacturing companies with their culture of operational excellence, startups with an entrepreneurial spirit that permeates the entire Hive, and the collaborative and general interest driven by the association.

Photo du cercle des industriels

The Hive’s goal is to make these 3 worlds coexist.

The Hive’s vision is that these 3 ingredients will together provide answers to the issues that impact our industries today.

The Hive’s mission is to make this collective intelligence possible, by creating favourable conditions and widely sharing learning.

CA pendant inauguration

Founded by relatively large companies, alongside a university and an institution, The Hive’s mission is to welcome as its members other players in the industry, of all sizes and sectors, with this diversity supplying a wealth of exchanges.



Photo de Frédéric Massel

Frédéric Massel

Frédéric Massel, Production Director, Bosch Rexroth France

“The Hive is a booster of dynamism and innovation thanks to its openness to the outside world, made up of competent local players that share the same issues as us, Bosch Rexroth.

Through the intrapreneurship (Boostart) project, we went in with a sealed technical project and we came out with a corporate strategy for the deployment of Industry 4.0 on our site, thanks to questions from other members’ participants in the marketing and all the services of our site, especially during the marathon.”


Rémi Wuillemin

Rémi Wuillemin

IoT Solution Architect

Aldes Aéraulique

“The project (Connected Supervision) and the way in which La Ruche operates have opened up channels of communication not only between companies but also within companies. It has made relations more fluid and “broken down” the existing silos within our own structures.”

Logo Aldes

Dominique Damide

Dominique Damide

574 AuRA, digital accelerator


“For e.SNCF, The Industrial Hive is a place that catalyses innovation and helps to transform industrial companies. The agile project methodology developed by The Hive creates value to speed up the resolution of issues within our activities or to carry out innovative and digital projects in a collaborative manner. The diversity of the themes addressed (industry 4.0, augmented reality, predictive maintenance, blockchain, carbon-free mobility, etc.), places The Hive at the heart of today’s main industrial challenges. The association of large companies, SMEs, public and private institutions, technological partners, constitutes a real wealth in terms of collective intelligence. »

SNCF logo

Frédéric Crétaud

Frédéric Crétaud

Site Director

SNCF Passengers

“We see it even more today after such a special period… After a great collective impetus, everyone tends to close in on themselves and focus on their own objectives and interests.

The Hive is a means for a company facing strategic problems to open minds to collaboration, to unite people from different backgrounds and to make their actions more coherent. The Hive brings together differentiation to make it a weapon for development.”

SNCF logo

Delphine Gréco

Delphine Gréco

Head of corporate partnerships

Iaelyon School of Management

“The Industrial Hive is all about meeting people. Meetings motivated by the same desire: to innovate! Technological, environmental and social innovations: 3 pillars of a Hive where each bee embodies the ambition of a territory where Industry 4.0 is at the service of the common good. L’iaelyon is happy to have discovered The Hive and its workers, ambassadors of excellence and the influence of our metropolis, during an international training program. This is the first step towards even wider possibilities between our university management school and this unique place of collective intelligence where the world of today and tomorrow can be invented.”

Emmanuel GRANGE

Emmanuel Grange

Industry 4.0 Manager

Bosch Rexroth

“The Hive allows us to connect our experts with each other, but also with their peers from other industrial entities. It’s a learning by experience where we benefit from the contributions of those who are more advanced on the subjects.

The Hive is also a project accelerator: it provides a project manager, a method and a challenging pace that pushes us to question ourselves and move forward. We challenge ourselves, we reassure ourselves and we are reassured to build our technological strategy and to steer our project roadmap.”


Valéry Le Goff

Valéry Le Goff

Vice president manufacturing engineering

Volvo / Renault Trucks

” The Volvo/Renault Trucks teams are heavily involved in The Hive project roadmap.

The Connected Supervision project has enabled the business experts to rapidly increase their skills in the actual implementation of 4.0 technologies: digital sensors, IOT connectivity, dashboard and predictive maintenance, making it possible to confirm or challenge the vision and roadmap in the plants. We are now entering the phase of concrete implementation of the solutions in production workshops.

The Vision project is also a breakthrough for our industrial system. It includes all the elements of Logic 4.0: digitalization of information, detection and analysis of defects, prediction and adaptation of the system response. We make our system learning and autonomous, we avoid costly end-of-line tests and quality problems for our customers. For this last subject, we are also invested in the Boostart programme and we are thus combining the 2 major axes of our ambition in The Hive: value creation through projects and the personal development of project leaders. “

Volvo RT

Photo Yohann Bourgault

Yohann Bourgault

Mission Blockchain Director


” The Industrial Hive is a place where we can meet between industrialists and work on different subjects.

Last year, a Blockchain project was launched there with the aim of pooling the efforts of the different members of The Hive. We are currently working on a project of documentation and pedagogical support to convince and explain the interest of the Blockchain in the transformation of companies and industrial performance.

Come to The Hive, it is really full of beautiful things. »

SNCF logo

Photo Régis Pierrelle

Régis Pierrelle

Design office director

Volvo / Renault Trucks

“When the health crisis of COVID 19 broke out last March, many industries in the Lyon area wondered how they could help and interact usefully.

With The Hive, we were able to very quickly set up this coordination between the requesters (hospitals, Direccte, Region…) and the producers capable of manufacturing parts that were out of stock.

It is this ability to mobilize and federate different actors that I found impressive. At the beginning, there were only a few of us and gradually we were able to involve companies of different sizes, from completely different sectors. This mobilization was a great adventure, with the collective satisfaction of having helped the hospital sector to survive during this health crisis. Thank you to all those who contributed!”

Volvo RT

Photo Axel Riehl

Axel Riehl

Director of Innovation and Economic Action

Metropolis of Lyon

“At the heart of an industrial site in the city, USIN in Vénissieux, The Industrial Hive enables the development of inter-company and cross-industry synergies in favor of the transformation of the industry. It is an association that both brings together the biggest names in industry in the metropolis, and offers a resource place where ETIs and SMEs can come for inspiration in order to accelerate their projects.

The Metropolis of Lyon has supported this system since its inception because it breaks codes and standards to enable all industries in the area to transform. The aim here is not to innovate for the sake of innovation, but rather to strengthen industry’s capacity for transformation in order to meet the new societal and environmental challenges that are even more pressing today.

We are therefore pleased to support it and to see it grow, and we are counting in particular on the dissemination of its best practices beyond the site and its members, in order to multiply its impact throughout the country. “

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