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Becoming a member

Becoming a member of the Hive means...

  • A new “home”, not on- or off-site, but a place between the two
  • Having the opportunity to clarify your roadmap for the industry of the future by joining the projects committee
  • Finding answers to the need to change through sharing with an active and committed collective
  • The provision of a resource location to experiment, train and access quality feedback
  • Access to experts and shared equipment
  • Enabling a collaborative culture within your own structure
  • Promoting exchanges within own departments/divisions
  • …and anything else you want to develop!
Photo lors d'un vote de l'assemblée générale

Hive Industrial is a non-profit-making organisation established under the 1901 law whose operation spans 3 cultures: established manufacturing companies with their culture of operational excellence, startups with an entrepreneurial spirit that permeates the entire Hive, and the collaborative and general interest driven by the association.

Photo du cercle des industriels

The Hive’s goal is to make these 3 worlds coexist.

The Hive’s vision is that these 3 ingredients will together provide answers to the issues that impact our industries today.

The Hive’s mission is to make this collective intelligence possible, by creating favourable conditions and widely sharing learning.

CA pendant inauguration

Founded by relatively large companies, alongside a university and an institution, The Hive’s mission is to welcome as its members other players in the industry, of all sizes and sectors, with this diversity supplying a wealth of exchanges.

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