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Current projects

The Hive is a space dedicated to industrial projects carried out inter-company.

An ambitious Roadmap Industry of the future for 2020


Since January 2020, a Hive project group has been formed around a common problem: detecting non-conformities, all along the assembly line, to move towards zero defects.

For this, the work team decided to investigate control solutions by intelligent optical system. The shared use cases are very rich and very complementary:

  • Quality control of the assembly of joysticks and pedibulators
  • Surface condition of anodes for aluminum production machines
  • Improved predictive quality
  • Quality control of motor assembly

After a detailed mapping of the project’s expectations, the team members brought parts from their factories and are now working on the construction of a laboratory to test different types of cameras and deep learning solutions.

Actors: Bosch Rexroth, Fives, INSA, Volvo / Renault Trucks

Project Ruche - Vision

Flow simulation and optimisation

Project Ruche - simulation

The project team made up of logistics experts and INSA engineers (Grade 6 – Industrial Engineering) specialised in simulation, is working on the modelling of supply chain flows (logistics and production).  To do this, it implements decision support tools to simulate production scenarios: number of operators, quantity of parts, production rate…  Dynamic simulation enables the study of the line behaviour it to be replicated as necessary to avoid bottlenecks and effectively manage logistical buffer zones over time.

The objective is to optimise the production supply, to make the right investments and resource choices to meet the development of the line, in particular with the introduction of new products to be assembled, driven by electrification/electronification.

Participants: Aldes, Bosch Rexroth, INSA, Renault Trucks and Volvo

Connected guidance

The connected guidance project addresses the following problem: how can differing industrial equipment (machines, actuators, controllers and sensors), of different generations and brands be connected to supervisors for monitoring?

The Hive working group searches for a solution that can be relied on to pre-empt production stoppages.  The work sessions have enabled them to implement latest generation sensors and compare conventional supervisors with the latest entrants from the IoT world.  This led to the design of a testbed used for data mining and training.  An experience that has proved to be rich in learning in terms of data analysis, especially vibratory.

The next step? The project to include the principles of digital twinning, remote connection and cyber-security is underway.

Participants: Aldes, Bosch Rexroth, Mios, PTC, SNCF, Renault Trucks and Volvo
Project Ruche - supervision

Digital continuity and enhanced reality

Project Ruche - AR

The digital continuity and enhanced reality project provide digital “heads up” instructions by enhanced reality, to the production operators to combat errors that generate non-quality due to product diversity.

Digital continuity connects the design and production worlds in real-time – the technology looks for the right instructions after identifying the product reference.  It then superimposes them on the real world and displays them on different devices: smartphones, tablets or enhanced reality glasses.  A solution that is easily adopted and that proves to be effective support for team training.

In 2020, the Hive will launch phase two of the project with its partners: the study of the contribution of enhanced reality for maintenance work.

Participants: Bosch Rexroth, PTC, SNCF, Renault Trucks and Volvo

2020 projects

The Industrial Hive projects commission has compiled a list of 12 technological, organisational and people projects that started at the end of 2019/beginning of 2020.

The main subjects are:

  • Production control by MES light
  • Vision and image processing for quality control and picking
  • Digital employee training
  • Process certification with blockchain
  • Analysis of vibratory sleeves by artificial intelligence
  • Inter-codir exchanges – driving innovation and transformation
  • People at the heart of Industry 4.0 (the Industry of the Future).
  • Parts traceability (Track and Trace)

Our technological partners

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