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Project Connected guidance

Connected guidance

The connected guidance project addresses the following problem: how can differing industrial equipment (machines, actuators, controllers and sensors), of different generations and brands be connected to supervisors for monitoring?

The Hive working group searches for a solution that can be relied on to pre-empt production stoppages.  The work sessions have enabled them to implement latest generation sensors and compare conventional supervisors with the latest entrants from the IoT world.  This led to the design of a testbed used for data mining and training.  An experience that has proved to be rich in learning in terms of data analysis, especially vibratory.

The next step? The project to include the principles of digital twinning, remote connection and cyber-security is underway.

Participants: Aldes, Bosch Rexroth, Mios, PTC, SNCF, Renault Trucks and Volvo
Project Ruche - supervision
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