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The Industrial Hive
A pillar of futur industry

Unlocking potential and developing talent

When we talk about transformation or agility we refer to attitude and recipes for common sense. At the Hive, rather than just sharing words or concepts, we suggest taking action. It’s this that transforms and influences the environment.


The 3 Pillars of The Hive

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Spaces to rent, conferences, master classes, Gemba Walks, workshops… Request the programme!


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Where do people fit in all this?

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Take part in The Hive’s industry 4.0 roadmap, put into action via collaborative and agile projects

Taking part in inter-company projects

The Hive’s expertise today is the ability to move from the vision sharing phase, problems and “irritations”  to that of joint action.  

Once this identification, funnelling and alignment work has been carried out we enter the inter-company project phase, in which each party provides human resources and expertise, both material and financial.  In doing so, risks are shared and the expertise of different teams steadily grows.

Photo du projet supervision connectée

Boostart, accelerator of industrial projects


The Boostart program, an industrial project accelerator, is intended for project leaders in the start-up phase. The objective is to develop projects as well as women and men, who are key players in the transformation of companies.

During the programme, project leaders from different companies meet up with their peers within the same class.

  • 5 to 6 projects developed at the same time
  • Duration: 3 months
  • 1 half day per week
  • On site at The Industrial Hive (Lyon)
  • Highlight: the marathon
  • 2 complementary facilitators: an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur

The program is based on the principles that presided over the creation of The Hive: alignment between the project owner and his project, doing to learn, working as an extended organization, transforming suppliers into partners, conducting one’s project in a convivial way, etc.

To discover Boostart in video, click here.


Space rental and privatization

Established in the heart of an industrial site, The Industrial Hive is 1000 m² of transforming spaces that mix industrial and maker cultures, Scandinavian and convivial atmosphere.

Our rooms are accessible to members of the association, with the possibility of privatization. Some spaces are also open to rent.

Our atypical spaces :

  • The Big Hall (440 m²) allowing the organization of workshops, hackathons, marathons, conventions…
  • The Café (82 m²) for coworking and conviviality times.
  • The Lab (84 m²) hosting the projects in progress
  • Creativity rooms with different atmospheres:
    • The Cocoon (39 m²)
    • La Greenhouse (45 m²)
    • The Crea 1 (53 m²) and Crea 2 (92 m²) rooms

Our spaces are collaborative and modular: different equipments are available and users are invited to arrange them according to their needs thanks to creative furniture.


Our trusted suppliers

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