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What is the Industrial Hive?

The Hive

The Industrial Hive is a collective and a resource space of 1100 m² located at the heart of the industry 4.0 site of Lyon (USIN).

The Industrial Hive is a non-profit association under the 1901 law, created by 7 manufacturers from various sectors of different sizes, alongside a university. The Hive’s mission is to enable local manufacturers to help each other find answers to current challenges and to develop their performance. How? By carrying out technological, human or organizational transformation projects together.


Where is The Industrial Hive ?

It is at the heart of the USIN site, the pilot site for the industry of the future in Lyon.

USIN is a vast industrial site revitalization project. An 11ha site, belonging to the Bosch group since 1938, ideally located on the outskirts of Lyon, in the heart of the city of Vénissieux, which has a marked industrial culture. The SERL group, the Banque des Territoires and the Caisse d’Epargne Rhône Alpes are co-acquirers and managers of the site. Close to the Bosch Rexroth group, which remains adjacent to this plot, the new tenants are industrial players seeking space and an environment favourable to the development of their industrial activity. Boostheat, AdèleH, Symbio and the Bosch R&D departments are among the first tenants to move into the existing 30,000m². Other industrial companies of different sizes and at different stages of their development will gradually move into the future 30,000m² of additional space provided by the USIN program.

The Industrial Hive, installed on the site since its beginnings, is the totem of tomorrow’s industry, providing a place for exchange, methodology and support for the 4.0 roadmap for industrial companies.

The 5 Values of The Hive

Discution Ruche

The Industrial Hive’s participants understand how to embody the values that are important to them:

Friendliness – the fundamental part of any lasting human relationship.

Collaboration – several people together are better than one alone!

Pragmatism – in order to learn, focussing on action rather than analysis and seeing it as a source of transformation.

Audacity – daring to explore and set up new partnerships!

Sustainable approach – environmental, social and human impact.  Using this filter to increase the positive impact of actions taken.


At the Industrial Hive, as its name suggests, we love nature and life. 

The current thinking on building design,  waste management and sourcing of service providers is firmly oriented towards the  “cleanest” solutions possible.


The Hive’s origins

Photo de l'entrée de La Ruche Industrielle

The concept of the Industrial Hive was devised by 3 intrapreneurs from the Bosch Rexroth and Renault Trucks/Volvo groups.

Having personally led and successfully carried out intraprenarial projects in their companies, they’ve laid the foundations for an inter-company structure that creates permeability between worlds and enables the implementation of the famous “collective intelligence”.


Who’s behind the Hive?

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